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30.08.2022 Reading time: 3 min

Aleksandro Petrovic has been playing for 4th league club TSV Buchbach for over ten years. In the Bavarian Regionalliga, which was founded in 2012, the midfielder of the cult club has since missed just 15 of a total of 273 games – making him by far the record player in the fourth division.

He is now 33 years old, but Petrovic is far from thinking about quitting. He recently extended his contract with the Upper Bavarian fourth-division club until 2024, and with the help of our Gamechanger, he wants to get the most out of his body once again.

We met the ex-professional, who was a regular player for Dynamo Dresden and a teammate of Mats Hummels at FC Bayern Munich, and talked to him about "soccer and the world".

42 short questions – 42 quick answers:

Why are you playing soccer?

I think it started with me like with every little boy – love and passion for the ball. My mom said I made the first step with the ball. So it was simply the first love and so it has remained.

What is your daily motivation?

The motivation is, of course, to get in shape during the week to collect the points at the weekend. And of course, at my advanced age, I have to invest more.

What does soccer mean to you?

Soccer means love and passion to me. It's also a kind of art for me, it's about education, that you say on the pitch you learn to gain respect.

Describe soccer in one word:


What would you tell your 18-year-old "I" to do?

Definitely that he should get off his ass and invest in his body, invest time, invest work. Because talent alone is not enough.

What should soccer definitely not be?

In any case, not a burden and obligation. Fun should always be in the foreground, that's the most important thing.

"I really had a lot of bad games"

What have you learned through soccer?

I learned to appreciate competition. It developed my ambition. And one very important thing: it taught me in general in life to earn respect.

What was a defining experience in your entire career?

Of course, I would single out the game against Rosenheim, which is very special for us from Buchbach, when you stay in the league with a goal from the goalkeeper in the 97th minute.

What was your worst game so far?

There were several – really a lot – in which I was really bad. Most of the time I could somehow save the game with an assist or a goal, but objectively I had a lot of bad games.

What was your best game?

I can't think of any right now. There were a few games in which I scored a double, so of course they stick in my mind, but I wouldn't want to single out one in particular.

"Soccer means passion"

What was your greatest success?

We once won the Saxony Cup with Dynamo (Dresden). And I was a sub-national player in Germany. And of course the game against Rosenheim, I can't forget that.

Why torture yourself with our Gamechanger now in winter? 

Because through the app I hope to stay fit and at the level I'm at for as long as possible.

"Sometimes I hate the people who designed the training".

What inspires you about B42?

I am inspired by the fact that the programs and exercises are perfectly coordinated and that you can do all the exercises without weight.

Do you sometimes have a hatred for those who made the guides?

...and what a hatred I have for you guys (laughs).

What do you think about during the workout?

I think about how great my protein shake tastes afterwards.

Do you have a favorite exercise?

I actually like doing push-ups and pull-ups the most.

Which exercise do you not like at all?

Burpees. So 160 burpees in one workout, that's quite an accomplishment.

How do you manage to stay motivated?

I see the progress and I know that it will bring me something, so that I can bring my performance again in the spring.

What progress have you noticed so far?

I definitely notice that my upper body has changed, that I am more stable. And that it presses the individual muscle groups outward.

"Actually I wanted to become a professional"

Why is the training program something for everyone, no matter what league?

Because it allows everyone to improve their everyday life and thereby also their health.

Tired by our questions already?

No, not yet (Laughs.)

How did you make it to the 4th league?

I have to be honest, I had a completely different approach. I actually wanted to play higher than 4th league - but it's definitely a very good level with a lot of really good players.

Why are you an absolute leader?

I think there's a lot more to being a leader than meets the eye. You have to lead the way in terms of both personality and performance, and I think I'm on the right track.

What makes you stand out on the pitch?

I think that's more a question for my teammates. But I would say they know that I'm there when it counts and that I've got their backs.

"Young players should do everything differently than I do".

What do young players have to learn if they want to keep improving?

That they do everything differently than I do (laughs). And that's to do things for themselves early on and work on their weaknesses.

Why is it worthwhile to constantly work on yourself and your skills?

So that you can get the maximum out of it. I don't think I've been able to do that for a long time.

What still drives you?

I'm still driven by the fact that opponents often say "Are you still here? Are you still playing?" and then I think to myself, "You won't get rid of me that easily," and that's why I also train with the app, so that I stay fit and active for as long as possible.

You're 32 now - how long do you actually want to keep playing?

As long as I can, actually. After my career, I don't want to say "I wish I'd played one year longer" - and as long as my health allows and I stay at the same level, I'd like to keep playing.

What do you still want to achieve with Buchbach this season?

The primary goal is always to stay in the league, and I think we're doing pretty well there. And if we can somehow win the League Cup to get into the German Cup.

"I'm fitter than I've ever been"

What is your personal goal for the season?

First of all, to stay healthy, as in previous years. Otherwise, to lead the team as well as possible.

What will change positively in the long term as a result of training with B42?

My perspective on training - definitely, especially when I see the progress over the weeks.

What are you looking forward to most this soccer year?

Simply playing soccer, the spectators and the emotions. Especially now, when you see the games live, it's just not the same without spectators.

How do you feel about the team preparation that will hopefully start soon?

A very good one. I don't think I've ever been as fit as I am now, also thanks to the B42 app. And that's why I'm well prepared for the second half of the season.

Do you think the others are staying as fit as you are?

I hope so. Otherwise, as captain, I can of course take a bit of liberty and kick one or the other's ass (laughs).

"Racism has no place in our society".

What role does nutrition play in your training?

One of the most decisive roles. The whole training is useless without nutrition. Of course, everyone has to find that out for themselves. I have found my way and am very happy with it.

What is your position on racism in soccer?

Racism has no place in our society in general, so of course not in soccer either. And that's why every single person has to take responsibility and lead the way in combating it.

What is your message to everyone who wants to start training?

Don't think about it, start! I notice it in myself, the difference between today and 7 weeks ago and I can only recommend it to everyone.

What is the message to the fans of your club?

We for you and you for us. Because if one building block is missing, then the whole Buchbach concept doesn't work and that's why it's simply like this: We have to stick together.

What is your message to your teammates?

As much as you need me on the pitch, I need you on the pitch. That's why: Stay fit, keep up the training and then we will surely celebrate new successes together in the spring.

What is your message to your opponents?

(laughs) I don't think it was ever easy against me and it won't get any easier.

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