The best football injury is the one that doesn't happen.

How often have you or a teammate been absent due to a football injury? How often has your best team not been able to play because someone's knee twinges, ankle problems or groin hurts?

Our prevention programmes help you fight football injuries. They help protect you from the most common injuries and target the areas you need to improve your stability on the pitch.





Prevention during the season

All programmes are designed for you so that you can work with them throughout the entire season - and not just in pre-season. With mobility units, neurocentric exercises, core and strength workouts, you work specifically on your needs as a footballer.  

Not only will you become more flexible in terms of the particularly relevant body regions, but you will also see the results quickly on the pitch because you will act in a more controlled and, above all, muscularly strengthened manner.

Ideal for warm-up

In addition to our training programmes, we have designed these preventive measures so that you can also use them perfectly as a warm-up programme. The exercises are always perfect warm-ups before the actual stress of the game or training.  

Only if you warm up your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fasciae and joints well, you will be able to perform at your best without overstraining your body.  

Work on injury prevention and help your team achieve their goals throughout the season.

We are a group of football enthusiasts with a vision. We want to revolutionise amateur football by bringing the know-how and possibilities from professional sport back to where it all started.

That's why we developed the B42 app.

An app that we would have liked to have had ourselves when we were on the pitch.

The B42 app gets you fit and healthy for your passion. With innovative and systematic training programmes, you can get in the shape of your life.

In addition, there is always new content, articles about what's happening in football and a large community.

The GAMECHANGER is a functional training programme to improve performance and prevent injuries.

B42 is 100% designed for footballers. We stand on muddy pitches ourselves in all weathers and therefore know exactly what is really important in football.

We don't just make you fit, we make you perform. B42 has been developed with therapists and trainers who coach Olympic champions and professional footballers.

We also offer football-specific rehabilitation training (in cooperation with a therapist), prevention training and special training for women.

We are not a huge company, but very close to our players. We are always there for you by email, phone, messages in social media and in our big Facebook group.

Yes. In Gamechanger we give a recommendation in the theory section - depending on the respective season phase - on how to combine the training with the team training.

Since the other training programmes are more limited in scope than the Gamechanger, integration during the season is possible without any problems.

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