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Do you like to be one step faster than your opponent? Do you also like to be at the forefront of every counterattack in the 90th minute? Then B42 is the right place for you to get the stamina and endurance that your type of game needs.

Ready when needed:
Matchday fitness

You are always ready for big games. But are you prepared?

With our individual training, you'll get fit right down to the last detail. It is tailored to your strengths and potentials, so that you can deliver exactly when it is needed: on the pitch.

Always at the forefront:
Your Playercard

Why only for Premier League players?

Go through the performance tests from professional football and get your player card just like you know it from the Playstation. Track your progress and compare yourself with players from your region.

Fight back faster:
Your rehab training

From now on, your medical department will be at Champions League level.
Speed up your physical healing process with daily, football-specific rehabilitation training. Get back to where your team needs you: on the pitch.





Those who are hungry for success
must also eat grass sometimes.


...teams train with B42.


...footballers train with B42.

What others say about B42

We have created our workouts in such a way that you can complete the individual exercises one after the other without taking a long break. We ensure this by alternating each main muscle group from exercise to exercise.

However, you should listen to your body and also give it a break during the workout if either your movement execution or your physical well-being suffers from the exercise sequences.

Yes, we have developed two GAMECHANGERs. While the men's version is "merely" based on training science and our expertise in training with several professional athletes, the women's version has to be able to do much more. For example, training methods during the menstrual cycle as well as antatomical, gender-typical characteristics have to be taken into account.

We have met this challenge through a large number of expert interviews.

What are the differences between men and women?

**Anatomical-physiological differences: **

While speed and mobility programmes have remained almost analogous to men, there are elementary differences in the strength programmes. Exercises specially designed for women have been selected to combat the gender-typical disadvantage in women's anatomy. Particular attention was paid to the valgus position and thus to appropriate leg axis training. An adjustment was also made in the repetition payment. While these are hardly noticeably reduced due to the minimal discrepancies in the lower extremities, these have been taken into account more in the upper extremities. Progressions were also worked out for the pull-ups and push-ups exercises.

**Differences in training science: **

The major challenge here is to take the period into account. When looking at similar training programmes, it quickly became apparent that we were entering completely new territory in managing any disparities.

Our training programmes for women include the three phases offseason, preseason and season as well as the phase of the period, which should be switched to during menstruation. Behind this are low-intensity programmes that set a reduced stimulus. After this week, you can easily switch back to the respective GAMECHANGER programme and continue training "normally".

You don't (yet) have a pull-up bar for your workout at home? No problem. Just lie on your back under a stable (!) table. Your face should be right under the edge of the table. Tense your upper body, squeeze your shoulder blades together and slowly pull yourself up towards the underside of the tabletop. Slowly lower yourself back down to just before the floor and repeat.

No, by no means! Football is a team sport. We are the perfect complement to team training. Many coaches also incorporate B42 into their training schedule. The players train alone so that there is more time for tactics, technique and game forms during team training.

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