There is a perfect workout for everyone

The training plan that makes footballers better.

What actually makes good coaches?

They make every player better every day. But that takes time, which is scarce in team training.

That's why we give you many tools to work on the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

For the optimal football training plan. And a team in which everyone is in the form of their lives.





There is so much
so much more.

Time to get it out.

Perfect training can be so simple

The ideal training schedule for football?

Easy for coaches, exhausting for players. As a coach, you can distribute workouts and tasks, observe progress and bring your team forward step by step.

You can choose from the following areas: Strength, Mobility, Speed, Stability and Endurance runs with GPS support.

As a coach, you assign suitable training sessions to one or more players. These then appear in the players' planner.

Yes. That is the magic of the B42 training planing. Select all players for one workout or go deeply and individualize training planing for each and everyone.

Train now with B42!

It's not about what players can do for you.

It's the other way around.

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