The game is dominated by those who have the courage, ambition and ability to move forward, push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

We are B42.

As a start-up, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: nothing less than to raise amateur football to a new level. With our football app and the training and rehab programmes it contains, we give you the tools to significantly improve your performance on the pitch.

Our claim?

We are constantly working on making our offer as simple as it is efficient, so that we can help as many football players as possible with our know-how. That's why our programmes are all bundled in one app and can be carried out anywhere and at any time without any additional tools.

Our motivation?

We founded B42 not only to improve the performance of amateur football players. But to get back to the football that captivated us as children. Where gender, sexual orientation or skin colour played no role. We stand for equality, respect and community togetherness in amateur sport. For us, "EqualGame" or "FairPlay" are more than hip hashtags on social media platforms - they are the basis of our corporate culture.


B42 enables advanced methods and know-how from professional sports to improve the skills of each individual player for optimal team performance.

How we reach our goal

  • High-quality training content, created by real professionals

  • Precise performance diagnostics in your pocket

  • Interactive gamification elements across the entire platform

  • Integrated fitness management for the entire team

  • Individual training and load management for each player

  • Everything combined in one easily accessible platform


We stand for equality, respect and community in amateur sport. Gender, sexual orientation or skin colour play no role. For us, "EqualGame" or "FairPlay" are more than hip hashtags on social media platforms - they are the basis of our corporate culture.


A football team consists of at least 11 players. We make it a point to let this spirit live in our digital solutions. We ourselves are a group of very different characters and we are all united by football. That's what it's all about.


We live football. We have stood or stand on the pitch ourselves, have got to know the football pitches and grass fields of this republic and know the smell of freshly mown grass from the Eff Eff. This passion drives us.


Standing still is a step backwards. Just like a successful team, we constantly renew ourselves in order to continue to deliver the best performance. New solutions for old problems are needed - and that's what we're here for.

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