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Innovative football team training as an app

The beauty of the team?

You win together, you lose together. Nevertheless, it is annoying when the last percent is missing in the decisive game to be successful. That's why there are now opportunities at B42 to improve performance as a team in every part of the team.

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Communication is everything:
Organising teams

Only those who are well-rehearsed understand each other on the pitch.

And that already starts with the organisation of training and matches. That's why B42 makes it easy for players and coaches to function perfectly as a team off the pitch as well.

There is no try:
Plan perfect trainings

A team is only as good as each individual in it.

But in football team training there is no time to work on individual strengths and weaknesses?

With B42, you can create a specific training plan for each individual and check whether everyone is following the plan.

Always a team:
Rehab training for injured players

Injuries are the toughest opponent.

Time to declare war on them. Accompany injured players on their way back to the pitch. So that everyone in the team can give their all when it counts.





Perfect training costs a lot of sweat.
Nothing else.


...teams traing with B42.


...footballers train with B42.

What other teams say about B42

Absolutely! That's exactly what we're about. Professionals have dozens of specialists at their disposal. Amateurs usually have no one, but still have all kinds of things to bring together. We bring professional support to the amateur clubs.

No, by no means! Football is a team sport. We are the perfect complement to team training. Many coaches also incorporate B42 into their training schedule. The players train alone so that there is more time for tactics, technique and game forms during team training.

You can set events, games and trainings for your team.

You can send teams to the whole team. All players will then receive the message in their feed.

To do so, simply create a team in the app, go to the "Team" tab and click on "Your team". There you can enter your team and invite other players.

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