Football injury - then what?

From now on, your personal comeback training at professional level is always with you. B42 offers football-specific comeback training to complement physiotherapy.

Injured - a footballer's nightmare

One unfortunate movement - and it happens: Unfortunately, injuries are part and parcel of football. But while the pros have access to professional help from sports physicians every day, your rehabilitation is limited to half an hour of physiotherapy a week - at most. 

We want to change that. #comebackstronger 

That's why we're bringing the expertise of professionals to you through our app.  

Benefit from the comeback experience with Olympic and world champions, the knowledge from 25 years of athlete care.

The B42 comeback training via app

The unique concept of B42 is based on three elementary pillars - divided into different training phases:  

Phase 1: Healing

Here you work specifically on the area of neuronal activation and control. 

Phase 2: Rebuilding

Here the focus is on building stability and strength. 

Phase 3: Return-to-Competition

In the last phase of football training, the focus is on coordination and dynamics.

Comeback training for exactly your current situation

We focus on exactly those structures that are most affected. 

Choose the comeback programme that's right for you.






We are a group of football enthusiasts with a vision. We want to revolutionise amateur football by bringing the know-how and possibilities from professional sport back to where it all started.

That's why we developed the B42 app.

An app that we would have liked to have had ourselves when we were on the pitch.

The B42 app gets you fit and healthy for your passion. With innovative and systematic training programmes, you can get in the shape of your life.

In addition, there is always new content, articles about what's happening in football and a large community.

B42 is primarily aimed at footballers aged 16 and over. But even if you are older or do another sport, you will celebrate success.

Yes. In Gamechanger we give a recommendation in the theory section - depending on the respective season phase - on how to combine the training with the team training.

Since the other training programmes are more limited in scope than the Gamechanger, integration during the season is possible without any problems.

Start your comeback with B42

Be faster back where you belong: the pitch.

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