The B42 expert team

With B42, you can increase your fitness specific to football, speed up your recovery, improve your mobility, get back on the pitch faster and optimise your nutrition individually.

In a professional club, this would employ several people.

Our team of experts is correspondingly large, bringing together all their experience and knowledge for you.

Oliver Schmidtlein

Oliver Schmidtlein is one of the most experienced physiotherapists and coaches in German football.

For example, he worked for FC Bayern Munich as well as for the German national football team and has made a decisive contribution to modernizing the structures in German professional football.

In his practice OSPHYSIO in Munich, he continues to care for professional athletes, but also non-professionals, when it comes to professional rehabilitation and resumption of sports activity after injury.

Lasse Ahl

Our author Lasse Ahl (33) has been actively playing football himself since he was 11 years old and also does additive strength training as well as cycling, running and skiing.

He is a sports scientist (M.A.) at the University of Göttingen and has worked for several years in the fitness studio of the university sports department and at university sports. Since 2017, he has also been responsible as Academy Education Director for the training and further education of exercise instructors at Göttingen University in the areas of exercise science and the basics of physiology and anatomy.

Hosea Frick

Hosea is the managing director of HYCYS, a training institute for systematic,

holistic, scientifically based performance enhancement for endurance athletes. Hosea, who completed his Master's degree at the Sports University of Cologne, is in charge of the Munich location at HYCYS, which is ideal for him as a mountain bike and cycle racing athlete.

Whether cycling, triathlon or football, Hosea Frick has years of experience in the professional sector. Now amateur players can also benefit from his know-how.

Hosea knows what efficient, well-structured training in football looks like, and not just from his training support of the Bundesliga team Fortuna Düsseldorf. For him, it's all about a sensible balance of stress build-up and regeneration phases.