The B42 expert team

With B42, you can increase your fitness specific to football, speed up your recovery, improve your mobility, get back on the pitch faster and optimise your nutrition individually.

In a professional club, this would employ 5-10 people.

Our team of experts is correspondingly large, bringing together all their experience and knowledge for you.

Peter Breitfeld

Coach Peter Breitfeld has been the brains behind the B42 training programmes for three years. The sports therapist, who studied at the German University for Prevention and Health Management, is a master of his trade, especially in the field of rehabailitation. Whether Olympic champion, Bundesliga professional or district class player - Peter Breitfeld has been able to accompany countless football players on their way back onto the field during his career as a sports therapist.

Coach Peter is a true all-rounder and has completed various further training courses in athletics and speed training as well as all further training courses in neuro-athletics (Z-Health Education). Since this year, he has been training to become a KPNI therapist (Clinical Psycho Neuro Immonology).

Lasse Ahl

Our author Lasse Ahl (33) has been actively playing football himself since he was 11 years old and also does additive strength training as well as cycling, running and skiing.

He is a sports scientist (M.A.) at the University of Göttingen and has worked for several years in the fitness studio of the university sports department and at university sports. Since 2017, he has also been responsible as Academy Education Director for the training and further education of exercise instructors at Göttingen University in the areas of exercise science and the basics of physiology and anatomy.

Katharina Brinkmann

Katharina Brinkmann is a yoga teacher, trainer, book author and movement enthusiast through and through. After her studies (M.A. Health Sciences), she fulfilled her big dream of owning her own yoga studio in 2015. Since July 2019, she has been active in Munich and teaches in various studios. Her passion is flowing Vinyasa Flows and of course Fascia Yoga. Yoga, movement and health inspire her not only on the yoga mat. In addition to her active practice, she is also an author for yoga and fitness guides and writes for various training magazines and journals.

She also offers strategies as well as helpful tips for improving the quality of sleep. Sleep phases, body positions and other important parameters are clearly presented and classified - so that you can finally get back to everyday life with a full battery.

Dr. Birgit Fellner

Since 2017, Dr Birgit Fellner has been the owner of her own training centre for prevention and personal coaching called KörperKraftwerk. After training as a state-certified physiotherapist (2005) and studying applied movement science at the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Regensburg (2016), she finally completed her doctorate at the University of Regensburg at the end of 2019 on the topic of training programmes for injury prevention in performance-oriented amateur football.

Dr. Birgit Fellner has also worked as a rehabilitation and athletics coach in the youth training centre of SSV Jahn Regensburg and SC Regensburg women's football (2nd Bundesliga - Bayernliga), as a sports science employee (key player) of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Regensburg, as a speaker and lecturer for the Bavarian Football Association and as a coach for the Bavarian Football Association. She is also active as a lecturer for the Bavarian Sports Association BLSV, the Academy Sport & Health, the mediABC Training Academy and the Vocational School for Physiotherapy (BRK) Regensburg.

Hosea Frick

Hosea is the managing director of HYCYS, a training institute for systematic,

holistic, scientifically based performance enhancement for endurance athletes. Hosea, who completed his Master's degree at the Sports University of Cologne, is in charge of the Munich location at HYCYS, which is ideal for him as a mountain bike and cycle racing athlete.

Whether cycling, triathlon or football, Hosea Frick has years of experience in the professional sector. Now amateur players can also benefit from his know-how.

Hosea knows what efficient, well-structured training in football looks like, and not just from his training support of the Bundesliga team Fortuna Düsseldorf. For him, it's all about a sensible balance of stress build-up and regeneration phases.

Patrick Thiele

Patrick Thiele works as a mental coach with professional athletes and teams. His clients include Olympic champions, world champions and German champions. With the combination of 25 years of experience in sports and over 5 years of personal training in the areas of mental training, potential development, stress management and biohacking, Patrick delivers the optimal total package for maximum performance on a mental level.

Mirko Eckert

Mirko Eckert from Effectus is an independent coach and speaker, neuroathletics trainer and co-founder of Athletics Training Germany. In addition to countless advanced training courses and a degree in sports science, he draws on his many years of experience as an athletic trainer in football and tennis, among other things, as well as his work as a performance specialist at EXOS.

Matthias Asböck

As a physiotherapist, sports scientist (B. Sc.), osteopath (i.A.) and InsideFlowYoga teacher, Matthias Asböck from All About Movements has the complete repertoire in the field of training and therapy. His approach is to correct muscular imbalances in athletes so that they can become more flexible again and, above all, enjoy their sport without pain. He has been working with various athletes in individual and group training for many years. His motto is: "It's all about the movements".

Sabine Gralla

As an experienced personal trainer, Sabine Gralla helps people become fitter and healthier. Her passion is to help people achieve their goals - and to accompany them as they discover unsuspected strength within themselves along the way and motivate them.

In all of Sabine's training, the focus is on the added health value. She makes physical exertion fun (again).