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Finally, a training plan for amateur footballers. With at-home workouts, you can perform athletic training like the pros and become a difference maker on the pitch.

100% football-specific training

With B42, you'll build the foundation to perform at your highest fitness level on the pitch for 90 minutes. Work on your power with our football app and bring yourself physically to a level that will skyrocket your tackling rate.  

In addition, improve your football-specific stamina and prevent performance drops during the game. Become faster and more agile through our complementary football training - and win decisive sprint duels. And if you're a goalkeeper, we've got something for you too. 

Choose from one of these programmes and get your personal training plan for best performance in football:





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Save time on fitness/endurance training with effective sessions.


Train together with your team and thousands of other footballers.


You always wanted to know how good you can become or how well you can still play? With B42 you will find out.

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Developed by experts

Our team of professional athletes, sports doctors, therapists and trainers bundles all the experience and knowledge from elite sport into one app.

The GAMECHANGER is a functional training programme to improve performance and prevent injuries.

We are a group of football enthusiasts with a vision. We want to revolutionise amateur football by bringing the know-how and possibilities from professional sport back to where it all started.

That's why we developed the B42 app.

An app that we would have liked to have had ourselves when we were on the pitch.

The B42 app gets you fit and healthy for your passion. With innovative and systematic training programmes, you can get in the shape of your life.

In addition, there is always new content, articles about what's happening in football and a large community.

The GAMECHANGER is primarily aimed at active football players. The main target group is football players aged 16 to 36. However, well-trained older athletes can also go through the programmes, as can athletes from other sports.

The GAMECHANGER was also designed for both men and women and takes into account the gender-typical differences in the respective anatomy in two different training programmes (-> more on this: What are the differences between men and women?).

The GAMECHANGER is divided into three different phases: Offseason, Preseason and Season. In other words - no matter which phase of the season you are in - with the GAMECHANGER you can always start at the optimal time. (-> more on this: How are the individual phases structured?)

The GAMECHANGER also takes into account the different performance levels of difficult, medium and easy.

Since 2017, when it all started with homemade PDFs. Today, we are a team of 15, have a multilingual app and cooperate with great partners such as the BFV.

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