"You only find this passion once in a lifetime!"


30.08.2022 Reading time: 3 min

This is the story of Jeannette Harttung

Around 6 am in the morning, Nuremberg. The first rays of sunlight are already peeking through the trees at the St. Leonhard soccer field near the city center. There, where there is usually a hustle and bustle of young people and every game is about nothing less than honor, there is still a yawning emptiness. Only a few joggers and dog owners can be seen who are already on their feet. 

We have an appointment with Jeannette Harttung, a player for the FC Würzburger Kickers women's team in the third-tier Regionalliga Süd. At the age of 18, she is actually only at the beginning of a promising soccer career. Nevertheless, her story already speaks for itself.

And it is representative of so many male and female soccer players on Germany's pitches. We all have them and live through them: dreams, passion, disappointments, perseverance.



Dresden, Nuremberg, Cicker

Born in Dresden, Jeannette moved to Nuremberg with her parents, where she played soccer from an early age. The reason: as a little girl, she watched a game of the German U-20 women's national team on TV with her father. Her conclusion: "Dad, I want that too!"  

A short time later, she laced up her soccer shoes for the first time for a small soccer club in Nuremberg. With the boys. After a year with the "club" girls, she returned to boys' teams. The fact that she was a girl was never an issue.

It was all about soccer.

After the U-17s, it was off to the women's team in Würzburg in the 2nd Bundesliga. At the same time, she was called up to the regional team at an early stage, and from the U14s onwards to the Bavarian team. In the meantime, Jeannette was even part of the extended squad of the junior national team. In the end, however, it was not quite enough to establish herself there in the long term.

"Criticism is a motivation and incentive for me to prove the opposite!"

What was lacking most was athleticism. Jeannette had put her personal training focus on technique and ball-specific aspects of the game and neglected athletics. On the one hand, she had failed to take the initiative and work on her athleticism on her own, and on the other hand, she had never received the appropriate input from outside – coaches and trainers – to work on it.

Fundamentally, her approach to criticism has also changed. What used to be emotional and demotivating is now an incentive for Jeannette to work even harder and prove the critics wrong.

Breakthrough with B42 – starter in the 2nd Bundesliga 

A milestone in Jeannette's soccer development was B42. Where external input may have been lacking in the past, there were then no more excuses. In addition to club training and school sports, she now also trains regularly with her very own digital fitness coach.

In total, she trains up to eight times a week. B42 has helped her to work on her athletic deficits in a targeted manner and to gain a regular place after her transfer to the Kickers women's team. And after a difficult first half of the season, marked by injury worries, to attack fully again this season in the second half.

On the pitch, it helps her enormously not to have to worry about her athleticism anymore, but to be able to concentrate fully on the game and the ball.  

Jeannette's own personal goal: "to get the best out of myself, to be the best version of myself in terms of soccer."

"You only find this passion once in a lifetime".

Whether playing with the boys in the past, or later after heavy criticism: the most important thing for Jeannette was always playing soccer itself. Because on the pitch, everyone is always the same, no matter where you come from, how old you are or what you look like.

What counts is the performance, the fun and the passion when playing soccer. 

B42 would recommend it to anyone who wants to set a goal and achieve something. Her big goal: to stand on the pitch one day and hear the Champions League anthem! 

Be fearless. Be focused. B42

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