4th division team TSV Buchbach: App user and team of the hour


21.02.2022 Reading time: 3 min

TSV Buchbach: App user and surprise team of the 4th division

Buchbach is cult - that's not just on the jersey, the club also lives this cult status with heart and soul. Thanks to the many volunteers, every home game in the Upper Bavarian district of Mühldorf is a spectacle. In the meantime, this is no longer exclusively due to the catering before and after the game. Andreas Bichlmaier and Marcell Thallinger's team, which used to be stigmatized as a fighter squad, has developed enormously, especially in terms of play - technically, tactically and physically.

Fitness and game system must be coordinated

Marcel Thallinger describes it as follows: "Players need the basic element of 'fitness' to be able to implement their decisions on the pitch. The higher the league gets in the process, the less time you have to do that. That's why fitness is important for every player." 

For the 36-year-old young coach, who together with Andreas Bichlmaier is responsible for Buchbach's sporting fortunes, it is important "that the playing system and fitness are perfectly coordinated." In other words, heavy-metal soccer with sudden changeover moments should only be attempted when the physical readiness to perform in terms of stamina and speed is also given.  

And Buchbach's style of play works: not only do they regularly annoy the big players in the regional league, but they now also know how to convince with attractive soccer.

"In the winter break, it's all about regular places".

In Buchbach, a meticulously ambitious coaching team meets a strong-willed and motivated squad. This is undoubtedly a driver of success. Because, motivating the two Buchbach coaches do not have to intervene with their team. "The guys know that they have to lay the foundations in the match- and training-free period. Of course, this phase is also about the places in the starting lineup. Those who come to the start of training in top shape increase their chances of being used."  

Captain and regional league record player Aleksander Petrovic (33) doesn't really have to worry about those starting times. He always plays. But even Petrovic has been working harder on his fitness than ever before. "Among other things, with B42, my whole training ethic has changed in recent years. I take care of my body, train preventively and eat accordingly." Formerly labeled as an eternal talent with too little will to work, the ex-professional is now a role model and leader for Buchbach's young squad.

It's a match: Buchbach's clever squad composition

His boys are eager to learn, says Marcel Thallinger, and goes on to say that it's simply fun to work with this team - especially because they want to keep developing.  

Aleks Petrovic, who has been in the business for several years, also goes into raptures when talking about his teammates: "We have a unique team spirit, we even go on vacation together. And on the training field, it's a real buzz. There's such fire in every training game - as if it were a league game. Nobody wants to lose." 

Perhaps it is also the constant motivation in training (on the pitch or at home) to go to the performance limit, as well as the willingness to constantly want to develop further, which let Buchbach in the preliminary round so convincing.  

Loosely based on Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do.

Accordingly, Buchbach's passion on the pitch is not an act, but a habit by now.

Be fearless. Be focused. B42

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