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20.07.2022 Reading time: 3 min

The B42 Gamechanger changes your game. It is the perfect all-purpose weapon among the training programs: it makes you more robust in duels, makes you more agile and even more explosive. No wonder that because of these training effects, the previous Gamechanger was our most popular program in the old app version. 

Was? Don't panic. The Gamechanger, as you knew it before, is still just as "trainable". It's now been individualized and taken to a whole new level – it's more flexible to plan, more specific to your needs, and ultimately more meaningful to your goals. Our sports science experts, together with our development team, have created a completely new training algorithm.  

In this blog post, we explain everything you need to know about the new gamechanger. 

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Most important: Invidvidual adaptability

Long we planned, developed and tested – now is the new gamechanger in the B42 training app. Particularly important was an increased degree of individualization. 

  • What phase of the season are you in right now?  

  • What is your current fitness level? 

  • How many days a week do you want to train? 

  • What goals do you want to achieve and where do you want to improve? 

These are actually quite logical questions that every soccer player should consider when setting up athletic training – after all, the number one sport worldwide involves immense complexity. Running fast, getting tired slowly, being stable in duels and still remaining supple in all movements. 

To combine all this in a logical training science, so that the training not only remains alternating, but also makes sense and is logical for each user to operate, was the challenge. 

A challenge that, in our opinion, we have mastered very well. 

Or did we not? We are looking forward to your feedback. Whether you love it or still see improvements somewhere – just write us at We are happy about any feedback. 

More objectivity in training

At the end of 2021, we also anchored more objectivity, control and comparability in your training with soccer-specific performance tests. 

However, not every little cog was working together yet. In other words, the feasibility of the tests and their integration into your training progress were not yet as well-balanced as we would have liked at the time. 

But with the revision of the Gamechanger, we also attacked this problem like Roy Keane attacked his opponents. Performance tests are now an integral part of your training routine. However, they are not asked in a typical test scenario, but are the culmination of each 4-week training cycle.  

Of course, we haven't completely taken out the time factor, which was previously an important means of comparison with past performances. From now on you can compare yourself with your past performances, the performances of your teammates or those of your age group or position in terms of workout time and test exercises during the Champions Week. 

Training has never been more objective and comparable. 

What is the Champions-Week?

Champions Week is the culmination of each of your training programs. As we've evolved, we've decided to divide your training cycles into 4-week segments. 

When you start your Gamechanger, you have to decide at the beginning:  

  1. Do you want to maximize your strength? 

  2. Do you want to develop your speed? 

  3. Do you want to hone your agility? 

  4. Do you want to improve your endurance?  

Your training plan will then be created and adapted to your requirements listed above (fitness, number of training days, seasonal phase). 

At the end of the four weeks, the Champions Week awaits you. During this week we will find out if our training program really delivers what it promises.  

Not only will you be compared to your own workout times from the first week of training, but you will also go through the Champions Workout. In this ultimate workout you will find out if the training has really developed you in the last weeks. We put ourselves to the test with this because we know: 

We're going to make you better. And we will prove it to you.  

To make sure that the training is not too one-sided, we have integrated the option for you to choose a second training focus. Important is: 

This area of the Playercard is not put to the test by Champions Workout.

The central piece is your Playercard

Yes, you read that right. In the future, every amateur player will have his or her own player card – just like the pros. This will give you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to improve in a targeted manner. 

Or, of course, compare yourself with your teammates or the guys and girls from your league.

Better user interface with intuitive design

In addition to the sport-specific training compositions, it was above all the intuitive usability of the app in which several hours of development work went into.  

Being able to start with just a few clicks, being able to quickly see where one's own weaknesses and strengths lie, and being able to easily switch back and forth between the programs – among other things, a lot of time was invested in this.  

Several surveys were conducted within our B42 community and then selected users were invited to our offices for live tests. From all the feedback, the decisive – and in our opinion the right – conclusions were finally drawn. 

Now we not only have an app that is excellent in terms of training science, but also a user-friendly interface. 

Do you want to improve your game in the long term? Then try the newly launched Gamechanger now – flexible, sport-specific and simple. 

And the BEST: You can test it completely risk-free and free of charge for seven days. And put us and our promises to the test. We are looking forward to it. 

What are you waiting for? 

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